A short bio of Kathryn

Kathryn was born in January 1962 in Ontario, Canada. She grew up on a farm a couple of hours outside of Toronto. After her father passed away in 1973, her mother decided to take Kathryn and her sister and move to Hawaii.

Though Kathryn was raised in a Congregational church she didn’t come to know Christ personally until her university years in Honolulu. It was there that a friend invited her to a meeting to listen to an evangelist. After that meeting Kathryn gave her whole heart to Jesus and pledged herself to follow Him.

Kathryn graduated from the University of Hawaii with a major in Communications and a strong interest in politics. She worked for a brief time as church administrator before accepting a position in Gainesville, Florida of executive assistant to the president of Maranatha Christian Churches in 1986.
Two years after moving to Florida Kathryn met Robert and they were married in July of 1988.

After her marriage to Robert, Kathryn joined him in Paris, France and assisted in the planting of the church of the Good Shepherd in January 1991.

Since that day Kathryn has been instrumental in the development of the ministry in France.  Besides homeschooling two children for a number of years Kathryn has also developed a nationally recognized worship ministry.  She has co-organized the fellowship of pastors’ wives in Paris for many years and currently co-chairs the steering committee for Paris on Fire, an inter-church worship initiative.
Kathryn established a school of worship in 2004.  She is a recognized song writer in France and has co-authored a pre-marital counseling manual with her husband.
She is an oft invited speaker at Women’s Aglow and other such conferences.

A short bio of Robert Baxter

Robert was born in September 1959 in upstate New York. Robert grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He graduated from James Madison University in 1981 with a double major in Communications and Psychology. He went into full time ministry in 1982 as a campus minister and became the associate pastor in the Maranatha Christian Church movement a year later.

He gave his life to Christ at the young age of 14 and was elected the Bible Club president in his high school just four short months later. From that time until now Robert has ministered from the Word of God on the average several times a week.

Robert’s first experience in church-planting came in 1986 in Dublin, Ireland. He was part of a team that focused on evangelism and follow-up for three months. Upon his return to the US Robert took the position of senior pastor of the Maranatha Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Robert was sent to Paris, France by the Maranatha group in 1988 to start their first church on French soil. But after the closure of Maranatha in 1990 the Paris church was closed. Robert and Kathryn regrouped and established the church of the Good Shepherd in January 1991.
Since that time the family of churches and ministries associated with the Baxters has not ceased to grow. Robert has assisted in the planting of dozens of churches and ministries throughout France, Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.
He founded a school of discipleship in 2001 and a school for pastoral training in 2009. He has authored several books and is invited regularly to speak in churches, conferences and seminars.
He currently serves as senior pastor of the Good Shepherd church in Paris and as the international director of the Horizon Family of Churches. He travels extensively as a conference speaker and church consultant.